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Thank you to Kelly Jensen at Book Riot for her gorgeous essay about what the Jessica Darling series meant to her growing up. This was so much more meaningful than the standard cut-and-paste-the-press-release book announcement. I cannot be happier that the 20th anniversary of the publication of SLOPPY FIRSTS will be commemorated with reprints of the entire Jessica Darling series by the wonderfully talented team at Wednesday Books.

I love these new covers. I hope you do too.

The new edition of SLOPPY FIRSTS goes on sale May 4, 2021. SECOND HELPINGS launches on July 6th, 2021. The rest of the books will follow over the rest of the 20th Anniversary year. The whole series has been updated to reflect 2020 sensibilities, but the essence of what makes Jessica Darling special is unchanged. Oh! And there’s a beautiful forward written by blockbuster author, producer and the not-so-secret Mrs. Marcus Flutie, Rebecca Serle.

This reprint wouldn’t have happened without the enthusiastic support of my readers all these years. I cannot wait to introduce Jessica Darling, Marcus Flutie and the world of Pineville, New Jersey to a whole new audience.


In my previous post I told you all about YA for NJ and how my donation for the auction is a one-of-a-kind ARC of SLOPPY FIRSTS all marked up in my own handwriting with stories behind the story including the 100 percent honest truth about the origins of Marcus Flutie. That is a pretty awesome prize for a die-hard Jessica Darling fan. Or a pretty awesome present for the die-hard Jessica Darling fan in your life. Which is perfect timing since THE HOLIDAYS ARE FAST UPON US.

Yesterday I read about A GIRL AND HER ROOM, a series of portraits by photographer Rania Matar. I’m fascinated by photography as it relates to the study of anthropology and sociology and I’m obviously very invested in the inner worlds of teenage girls so yeah, I love the idea of this book and what I’ve seen of it so far. (I don’t own it yet but THE HOLIDAYS ARE FAST UPON US so **hint**hint** to any family members who might be reading this.) Anyway, so I tweeted about this book and one of my followers @roxie_heartless asked about my teenage bedroom and I promised I would find and post pictures.

Here they are:

And The Dream Cast for the SLOPPY FIRSTS Movie Is…

Hundreds contributed casting ideas for the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie. Hundreds more LIKED those options. Some of the most popular suggestions for actresses to play Jessica Darling are:

Ashley Rickards, Ellen Page, Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Halle Steinfeld 

Some of the most popular choices for Marcus Flutie are:

Tyler Blackburn, Samuel Larsen (The Glee Project), Nicholas Hoult, Jackson Rathbone, Anton Yelchin, Dave Franco

However popular these choices were, none earned more LIKES than this suggestion by Karen G.:

“There aren’t any really famous actors/actresses that I can suggest for the roles. I think you need a new actor for Marcus and a new actress for Jessica. Anyone in the industry right now couldn’t do the roles justice because of their already existent fame.”

She wasn’t the only person to suggest unknowns for the roles. Many other commenters shared similar sentiments. However, her comment was the one with the most LIKES and is therefore delcared the winner. Karen G. and the 164 facebookers who LIKED her comment all win the secret password that gives them three days to watch the video vision for the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie. If you are one of the winning commenters you MUST email megan@meganmccafferty.com right away because the password will expire after September 10th. There will be more opportunities to win in the future. Follow me on Twitter or LIKE my FB page for updates. Thanks to everyone who so enthusiastically shared your opinions!

Epic Winners! SLOPPY FIRSTS Movie Contest! The 10th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

Yes. You read that correctly. There is a SLOPPY FIRSTS movie in the works. And we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the series with a contest that gives YOU a chance to view the exclusive video introduction to the director’s vision of SLOPPY FIRSTS on screen.

But before I give you those details…

I must first acknowledge the many amazing tributes I received for the Epic Giving Away of Rare and One-of-a-Kind Stuff. You all made me so MISTY. A small sample:

“SLOPPY FIRSTS was more than just the first book in the Jessica Darling series, it was an introduction to a world– though fictional–but was in every bit of sense real and true…. at least it will always be for me.”–Lianne J., Davao City, Philippines 

“As I watched Jessica grow, mature, fall, fail, love, learn, cry, and dance, I saw my own life transcribed on the pages in front of me…Thanks for creating a character that kept me company through the years, that was the best inspiration a girl could have, because she was the me I wanted to be.” Kelly W., You Can Read Me Anything

“This series will make you laugh, cry, smile, and then get angry, it will horrify you but you won’t be able to stop. Jessica Darling is everything you never wanted to admit you were and everything you wanted to be all at the same time. SLOPPY FIRSTS defined a generation, and will continue to aid High Schoolers for years to come. Jessica Darling will be the best friend of young [and old!] girls forever. I know she will always have a special place in my heart!  Happy 10th Anniversary, Jessica Darling..you deserve it! And thanks for all the help growing up!” Beth R., The Secrets In the Telling

I wish I had prizes for these all and entrants. But I don’t. The Runners Up and winners of original Advanced Readers Copies of SLOPPY FIRSTS are… Continue reading Epic Winners! SLOPPY FIRSTS Movie Contest! The 10th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

Happy 10th Anniversary, SLOPPY FIRSTS!

Can you believe it’s been almost TEN YEARS? But I haven’t aged at all! Alas, it’s true.




SLOPPY FIRSTS was published on August 28th, 2001. It’s kind of hard to believe when there are new readers just discovering Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie every single day. I’ll be announcing fun ways to celebrate the occasion (i.e., GIVEAWAYS!) throughout the month of August.

And I need your help.

BLOGGERS! If you’re interested in conducting a special 10th Anniversary interview with me on your site, please email questions to megan@meganmccafferty.com by Sunday, July 31st. I’ll pick 10 bloggers based on the creativity of the questions and enthusiasm for the series.

I look forward to reading your questions and commemorating this milestone with you, yes, you.