Epic Winners! SLOPPY FIRSTS Movie Contest! The 10th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

Yes. You read that correctly. There is a SLOPPY FIRSTS movie in the works. And we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the series with a contest that gives YOU a chance to view the exclusive video introduction to the director’s vision of SLOPPY FIRSTS on screen.

But before I give you those details…

I must first acknowledge the many amazing tributes I received for the Epic Giving Away of Rare and One-of-a-Kind Stuff. You all made me so MISTY. A small sample:

“SLOPPY FIRSTS was more than just the first book in the Jessica Darling series, it was an introduction to a world– though fictional–but was in every bit of sense real and true…. at least it will always be for me.”–Lianne J., Davao City, Philippines 

“As I watched Jessica grow, mature, fall, fail, love, learn, cry, and dance, I saw my own life transcribed on the pages in front of me…Thanks for creating a character that kept me company through the years, that was the best inspiration a girl could have, because she was the me I wanted to be.” Kelly W., You Can Read Me Anything

“This series will make you laugh, cry, smile, and then get angry, it will horrify you but you won’t be able to stop. Jessica Darling is everything you never wanted to admit you were and everything you wanted to be all at the same time. SLOPPY FIRSTS defined a generation, and will continue to aid High Schoolers for years to come. Jessica Darling will be the best friend of young [and old!] girls forever. I know she will always have a special place in my heart!  Happy 10th Anniversary, Jessica Darling..you deserve it! And thanks for all the help growing up!” Beth R., The Secrets In the Telling

I wish I had prizes for these all and entrants. But I don’t. The Runners Up and winners of original Advanced Readers Copies of SLOPPY FIRSTS are…Erin W., whose handwritten letter (partly pictured above) best captured the spirit of Jessica and Hope’s old school correspondence. And Anna, who championed my series with this charming stick figure video and repeated pimping on her FANTASTIC book blog.

And finally, the winner of the ONE OF A KIND ANNOTATED COPY of SLOPPY FIRSTS is….the incomparable Sol K-B aKa @Geishapants. If you haven’t watched her operatic, boy bandic video adaptation YOU MUST DO IT NOW.  It speaks for itself. To say anything more about this masterful mash-up of high and low culture is to take away from its artistry. She clearly loves my series as much–if not more–than I do.

Okay. This is sweet and nostalgic and all BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SLOPPY FIRSTS MOVIE? Here’s the deal: Suggest ONE actress to play Jessica Darling and ONE actor for Marcus Flutie in this comments section on my Facebook page. (I KNOW you have opinions on this.) Do this by 11:59PM EST on Monday, September 5th. The casting choice that gets the most “LIKES” is THE WINNER. The person that submitted that choice and every person who “LIKED” it gets THE SECRET PASSWORD: A secret code that (for a limited time) will provide access to a video put together by Anna Christopher and Gabe Reiter, the creative team at the heart of the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie. In this video, they share what they hope the movie will look like, and you’ll be able to tell them if you love what you see. (Hint: I DID!) So hurry up and get casting already! 

Again, thank you all for celebrating this milestone with me!