Last Day to Win a Glimpse of the SLOPPY FIRSTS movie

 If you’re reading this on Tuesday morning, it’s already too late. You have until 11:59PM EST Monday, September 5th to LIKE the MOST LIKED casting suggestion in the comments section of this FB post.  Everyone who LIKES the MOST LIKED option will get the SECRET PASSWORD to the video made by would-be director Anna Christopher  sharing her vision for SLOPPY FIRSTS on screen. I’ve seen it. It’s awesome. And with enthusiastic responses from readers like Sarah M. from Paterson, NJ, it could one day come to a theater near you:

“Jessica made it cool to be from New Jersey and she made it cool to be a smart, independent, strong woman. I hope you can feel (even just a small bit) the amazing positive impact you’ve had on me and so many girls, women, boys, men…everyone that’s ever picked up and read a chapter of your books.”

I do feel it, Sarah. I really do. Thank you and everyone.