In my previous post I told you all about YA for NJ and how my donation for the auction is a one-of-a-kind ARC of SLOPPY FIRSTS all marked up in my own handwriting with stories behind the story including the 100 percent honest truth about the origins of Marcus Flutie. That is a pretty awesome prize for a die-hard Jessica Darling fan. Or a pretty awesome present for the die-hard Jessica Darling fan in your life. Which is perfect timing since THE HOLIDAYS ARE FAST UPON US.

Yesterday I read about A GIRL AND HER ROOM, a series of portraits by photographer Rania Matar. I’m fascinated by photography as it relates to the study of anthropology and sociology and I’m obviously very invested in the inner worlds of teenage girls so yeah, I love the idea of this book and what I’ve seen of it so far. (I don’t own it yet but THE HOLIDAYS ARE FAST UPON US so **hint**hint** to any family members who might be reading this.) Anyway, so I tweeted about this book and one of my followers @roxie_heartless asked about my teenage bedroom and I promised I would find and post pictures.

Here they are:

This is my bedroom my sophomore year of high school. I’m fifteen. I’m dressed up for Halloween as Jem from JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. Note the STAND BY ME POSTER above my bed. I thought that was a sophisticated way to display my lust for River Phoenix. I still don’t shut my drawers and it drives my husband crazy.


This is my side of the dorm room my freshman year of college. I’m eighteen. I’m dressed for a HEADBANGERS BALL party at Kappa Sig. Note the juxtaposition of surrealism and cheezism as seen in the Salvador Dali and ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN posters. If you had asked me before I rediscovered this photo if I had ever owned a AIRNTKILIK poster I would have replied with something along the lines of, “ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? WHAT KIND OF CHEESEBALL DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?” Alas, a cheeseball in a red velvet bodysuit.
This is my side of the dorm room sophomore year. I’m 19. I’m dressed like that because J.Crew color-blocked corduroy button downs were mandatory on my preppy campus. I’ve surrounded myself with a combination of ironic and sincere pop culture icons including Michael Stipe, Natalie Merchant, the cast of the first season of THE REAL WORLD, Shaun Cassidy, Bono, Zach Morris, Winona Ryder and Dolly Parton. I made that collage from images cut out of SASSY magazine. SASSY was the best magazine ever.


When I was retrieving these photo albums from my bins in the basement, I came across, well…a lot of stuff that is both directly and indirectly responsible for the creation of Jessica Darling’s universe. Stuff that might be of interest to a die-hard Jessica Darling fan. Stuff that could easily be included inside a one-of-a-kind ARC that is up for auction to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.

So there you have it. In addition to my scribblings, this one-of-a-kind ARC of SLOPPY FIRSTS will also include original photos, notes, journal excerpts from BACK IN THE DAY. BONUS TO THE BONUS: The winning bidder will also get to ask me three questions–about the books, about life in general, or, I suppose, ABOUT MARCUS FLUTIE–that I will answer as candidly as possible.

That’s how much this auction means to me, people. Bidding begins Friday on the YA for NJ page on Ebay.