“I still tell friends about your series ten years later.”














Jenna P. forwarded this email she originally sent in 2003, adding, “I still tell friends about your series ten years later.”

“I‘d just like to thank you for writing these books.  They are just completely awesome (in the true sense of the word.).  It is not only what you wrote, but how you wrote it.  I loved these books.  I had found Sloppy Firsts as a fluke one day in the bookstore.  I picked it up and thought it seemed like a good book.  I then read it not only once or twice, but three times.  Three days ago, I was in the book store, yet again, and as i was walking out, i happened to see Sloppy Firsts on a shelf, with Second Helpings right next to it.  As soon as I saw Second Helpings, I almost lost it.  I had been waiting and waiting for your next installment of Jessica Darling to come out, and I immediately forgot about the cd that i had originally intended to buy, and bought your book.  I just finished it this afternoon.  Let me just say, it is a great novel.  Really.  While I am not still in high school, I still feel I can relate to Jessica in many ways.  It has made me think about myself a lot more, and also the decisions I make, so, thank you for that.  I laughed and cried.  Your work is amazing.  You reach out to the readers by making your characters extremely real. Any how, I’m sure you get this all a lot.  I just wanted to be cheesy and let you know how I feel.”

I always appreciate readers who take time to express how much my books have meant to them. Then and now.

Thank you.

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