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Congratulations to the cast and crew of Theater CCNY’s production of SLOPPY FIRSTS. It was a beautiful full-circle moment because the show was directed by senior Daisy Bernabe-Duarte, who portrayed Jessica Darling in her high school production back in 2018. It was such a joy to spend the afternoon in Pineville! I laughed and (yes) even teared up a little. The entire cast had moments to shine but a special shout-out to Temima Hyman and Vincent Tulley who had maaaajor chemistry as Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie. If you’re involved in high school, college or community theater and want to stage your own production (and have as much fun as we’re having in these photos!) email with SLOPPY FIRSTS ON STAGE in the subject.


Victoria Keith as Jessica Darling.

What an opening night! Congratulations to the phenomenally talented Round House Theater Teen Performance Company. I couldn’t be happier that this premiere was entirely produced and performed by high school students.

Emily Gordon as Bridget, Malaika Bhayana as Manda and Biloy Ambahe as Sara.

Victoria Keith as Jessica Darling and Abigail Cannon as Hope.

The cast and crew vividly captured all the humor and heartache of Pineville High School. A special shout-out to Victoria Keith and Cole Greenberg whose nuanced performances stayed true to Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie we know and love while still making the characters their own.

Keira DiGaetano as Haviland, Cole Greenberg as Marcus Flutie and Victoria Keith as Jessica Darling.

This was an unforgettable world premiere that I hope is the first of many productions to come. If you’re involved in a teen theater program and are interested in bringing SLOPPY FIRSTS to your stage, please contact me via