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Syde Projekt Presents: Sandwiches & Songs

I’m honored to follow Albert Einstein, Cornel West and Trey Anastasio as LiLLiPiES Bakery’s Princetonian Sandwich of the Month. Like, seriously honored because I seriously love sandwiches. When asked what I wanted my namesake sandwich to be, I answered without hesitation. It’s as if I’d been waiting my whole life to shout: OMG BLT WITH AVOCADO ON PRETZEL BREAD!!! The sandwich is on sale through February and 10 percent of the proceeds will be donated to HiTOPS Adolescent Health Education and Advocacy Center in Princeton, NJ.

This sandwich is a window into my very soul.

I love to sing even more than I love sandwiches. So to celebrate the best thing that’s happened to me in 2017 (by far), I’m performing two short acoustic sets with my band’s other band–the aptly named Syde Projekt–at LiLLiPIES Bakery in the Princeton Shopping Center on Sunday, February 26th between 1-3PM.

Like Davy Jones before me, I play tambourine and sing.

We are a covers-only band and do not take ourselves too seriously. Please come, listen and and stuff your face to support a fantastic organization.

Events! Events! Events!


See me in Chicago! Don't miss my dramatic gestures and facial expressions.
See me in person! Don’t miss my dramatic gestures and facial expressions.


MORE EVENTS TO COME. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ASK ME. I love meeting readers, talking about writing and breaking into song. If you’d like me to do any of these things for your store, school, festival or other miscellaneously awesome organization email megan@meganmccafferty.com and let’s make it happen!  I have different presentations appropriate for all ages, from  elementary school through university.