School Library Journal Review of BUMPED: “Hilarious.”

I was having so much fun celebrating the 10th Anniversary of SLOPPY FIRSTS that I totally forgot to share this fantastic review of my most recent novel:

“BUMPED is a hilarious book, building on some of today’s obsessions: MTV’s 16& Pregnant, celebrity bump watches, and aggressive marketing to teens…Melody’s world is one where both teen boys and girls, are encouraged and rewarded to get pregnant. Not to be parents; drugs and societal pressure help prevent the teens from bonding with the ‘delivery.’ I love this world-building; some of it is deliciously ‘oh come on’ over the top and other parts are ‘oh…I can see that happening.’ ” –School Library Journal

[full review here]

The second in this two-book series, THUMPED, goes on sale April 24th, 2012. Thanks to all of you who have already added it to your To Read list!