New Year, New Projects!

This is a photo of my desk as it looks right at this moment. I haven’t said much about what I’ve been working on lately because everything I’ve been working on is very new to me. Too new to share to the world. Yet. I’ve been working a lot lately. But the writing has been so much fun that it hasn’t felt like work. This is my absolute favorite phase of the creative process.  The “what if?” part. When I’m mulling over ideas and researching those ideas and wondering if I can turn those ideas into something creative that someone–you–would be interested in knowing more about. I hope that sometime in 2012 I can tell you more.

For now, I’m happy to announce that BUMPED is #5 the Children and Teen bestseller list of the Apple iBookstore! Thank you! The Epic Reads 99 cent promotion ends 1/30. The second and final book, THUMPED, goes on sale April 24th.

As always, thanks for reading!


P.S. For those who are interested, here are the songs in the iTunes playlist that I’m listening to right now.



Gold on the Ceiling/Black Keys

Lover to Lover/Florence + The Machine

How Deep is Your Love/The Rapture

Beth/Rest/Bon Iver

Helena Beat/Foster the People

Under Cover of Darkness/The Strokes

Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win/Beastie Boys (feat. Santigold)

Raconte-moi une histoire/M83

Cruel/St. Vincent

Santa Fe/Beirut