More Blogger Love for BUMPED and THUMPED!

“BUMPED and THUMPED—in addition to being incredibly fun—also make some great points about how teen pregnancy is treated in our culture. This series (and the Jessica Darling books) are highly recommended.” KellyVision

“The messages here are fantastic, feminist, powerful, and really damn pertinent and relevant to today’s world.” Stacked

“A fantastic conclusion to a crazy, refreshing, inventive dystopian series.” Book Chow Down

“These aren’t books you can finish and file away in the back of your mind.  These books are intended to make you think and think you will! Highly recommended for mature readers.”  The Reading Zone

“THUMPED is truly a unique story and a great follow-up to BUMPED. The world of a troubled society obsessed with teen pregnancy is quite disturbing but terrifyingly realistic. She offers a lot to think about where our society is heading and how people would react when it comes to that point. I was captivated from the first book and still mesmerized with the second. The ending, fulfilling and a great finish, prompted the message in this book: sex should be significant and not be influenced by outside forces. Megan is a brilliant writer and thinker. She is a master of passing meaningful messages without having to beat it to your head. BUMPED is truly satisfying and I am sure she will continue to satisfy with her upcoming works.” Book Nerd

“The sarcasm was hilarious, the drama was awing, and the whole thing was thought provoking. Megan McCafferty skillfully covered many grounds in such a few pages; there was parenthood, consensual and non-consensual sex, pro/anti-procreating, religion, promiscuity, and SO much more! A FUN AND GREAT MUST READ SEQUEL!!” Spades High Reads