How To Get Your Autographed Bookmark

“It’s like the Uglies series on crack…Strange, ridiculous, but brilliant.” Hobbitsies

Thanks to all of you who have already bought BUMPED. Remember: I want to thank you by giving away autographed stuff. Here’s what to do:

1. Buy a copy of BUMPED. I’m bothered by reports from readers who say they’ve had trouble finding it at their local bookstore. For reasons unclear to me, some stores may not be stocking it until May 1st. In any case, PLEASE ASK FOR IT. That’s the only way the seller will know there’s a demand for it.

2. Take a picture of yourself posing with the hardcover or the cover picture on your e-reader. (ARCs or NetGalley don’t count. Sorry.)

3. Make that picture your Twitter or Facebook icon, or post it on your blog.

4. Tweet, update your status, or blog about how BUMPED is on sale NOW and whatever else you’d like to say about it.

5. Email with your mailing address and the link to your photo/post with “BUMPED BOOKMARK” as the subject heading.

I’ve been so thrilled by responses like this:

“BUMPED is going to make a lot of people very upset, and that is an AWESOME thing…There is nothing depressing about this tale as it is packed with McCafferty’s trademark snarky wit and sympathetic characters. Sure, the alternate-reality near-future in which the characters live is a bit bleak, but honestly, it’s only a more extreme version of our present society. This is part of the diabolical appeal of the book and the part that will surely lead to lots of controversy: amid all the humor and exaggeration is a bitingly honest commentary on modern society and our current values.” Cloudy With a Chance of Books

I hope BUMPED makes YOU laugh and think, too.