Watch the video. Share your story. Win a book.

In the months leading up to the release of BUMPED, I’ve been oscillating wildly (Smiths fans, holla!) between confidence and fear. Yes, I still worry about how my work will be received, even when I’m fully aware that I have NO CONTROL OVER HOW MY WORK WILL BE RECEIVED. (Note to aspiring authors: You can either take comfort or umbrage in knowing that it never gets any less nerve-wracking.)

There is no end to the ways in which I can use the Internet to torture myself about my career. So to help me get through this last push to publication, I’ve decided to use technology in a positive way:

I’m gonna give away some books! Yay!

How? Watch this video (which also might be interest because I talk all about BUMPED):

Here are the details: Post a video on YouTube describing YOUR life-changing moment. Make sure you tag it BUMPED EXPECTATIONS so I can find it. Every Friday I’ll choose TWO video-makers to receive copies of BUMPED before it goes on sale April 26th. One copy will go to the video with the most views. The other copy will go to the story that speaks to me that week…for whatever reason that may be. No story is too small. And if you want to get creative with your videos (original songs, dramatic re-enactments, finger-puppet theater), GO FOR IT.

And in the interest of fairness, here’s my story about how I bumped expectations:

I’ll choose the first winner next Friday, March 4th.

I look forward to hearing your stories!