CHOICES.They asked, I answered! Here are my favorite interviews about JESSICA DARLING’S IT LIST the middle grade prequel to SLOPPY FIRSTS on sale now.

School Library Journal “Those ‘Darling’ Middle School Years”

“Whenever she’s gets close to figuring out middle school—BAM!—she’s hit with another ‘WHAT THE HECK?!’ moment. For Jessica Darling, growing up is a comedy of trials and many, many errors.”

Time For Kids “Wits About Her”

“Jessica Darling is both an insider and an outsider. She notices things, she thinks too much, and sometimes she doesn’t think enough. She’s flawed and she makes mistakes, and I think it’s those mistakes that make her relatable.”

Publisher’s Weekly “A Fresh Start for Jessica Darling”

“This series is for the 10 and up reader who is meeting Jessica Darling for the first time…I would love my older readers to read it and then give it to the tween in their lives and say, ‘Here’s this great girl, Jessica Darling. She was one of my favorites growing up and now you can read her, too.”

Forever Young Adult: Between Two Lockers Interview “HRH Stops By FYA to Dish About Junior High Jessica Darling (& Marcus Flutie!)

“I’m inspired to write middle grade fiction by the tweens in my real life, including my son, his friends, my friends’ daughters, and my nieces. I also volunteer at my son’s school library so I hear first-hand what kids care about—in books and beyond. They remind me that their passions and preoccupations aren’t all that different than mine when I was their age. I keep that in mind as I’m writing. That’s it.”

Entertainment Weekly “Check Out The Cover for Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling Prequel!”

“People have asked me if I saw myself continuing Jessica’s story and quite honestly I don’t. I don’t see myself writing beyond Perfect Fifths. I agree with you: I love the way that story ends; it’s exactly how I wanted it to be. But this is different: It’s deepening a story without messing with the ending.”