Buy BUMPED & Get Autographed Swag!

After three years of researching, writing, rewriting and waiting…BUMPED finally goes on sale tomorrow! (Though I’ve heard reports of early sightings on bookstore shelves.) My appearances are limited because I’m so busy finishing the sequel, but I want thank readers everywhere for supporting my most thought-provoking novel yet. That’s why I’m giving away autographed bookmarks* to 250 readers! How can YOU get one?

1. Buy a copy of BUMPED in an online or offline bookstore…which is something I hope you were already planning to do.

2. Take a picture of yourself posing with the hardcover or the cover picture on your e-reader. (ARCs or NetGalley don’t count. Sorry.)

3. Make that picture your Twitter or Facebook icon, or post it on your blog.

4. Tweet, update your status, or blog about how BUMPED is on sale April 26th and whatever else you’d like to say about it.

5. Email with your mailing address and the link to your photo/post with “BUMPED BOOKMARK” as the subject heading.

The first 250 readers to respond will get a bookmark personally signed by me with my very own Sharpie. BONUS GIVEAWAY WITHIN THE GIVEAWAY: I’ll pick 10 readers from that pool of 250 to win personalized copies of PERFECT FIFTHS. I wish I could thank you all!

*Yes, I realize that bookmarks are ironic thank yous for a book set 25 years from now, when e-readers will certainly dominate the market and such things will serve no practical purpose. Consider this gift a future artifact.