Book Bloggers Can’t Stop Thinking About BUMPED

BUMPED satirizes what happens when extreme thinking crowds out moderate approaches to social problems. I wrote it hoping to inspire readers to think about the parallels between futuristic fiction and real life…and it already has! But rather than take my word for it, I’ll let book bloggers speak for me:

“BUMPED was one heck of a hilarious book…This is satire done well…What McCafferty does is trust us to go with it and experience the absurdity right along with both the characters. She wants us as readers to draw upon our knowledge and experience of future and dystopian worlds and see what it’s like when every single one of them collides…It’s insane. It’s hilarious. It’s spot on. And in this strange way, it works so well.” Stacked

BUMPED is a highly intelligent novel that takes a close psychological look at a culture of extremes, vividly illustrating the dangers of going too far in either direction…BUMPED will make readers uncomfortable, and it will make them think. McCafferty isn’t afraid to take risks, and the result is something truly indescribable.¬†Readers may love it or hate it, but they’ll certainly never forget it.” The Bookish Type

“BUMPED is bothersome and intentionally uncomfortable, the disturbing nature of its society presented in a lighter way due to the aforementioned humor but all the more unnerving as a result of this approach…It’s a book that will certainly inspire a wealth of differing opinions, ensuring that it will never be placed on a shelf and forgotten but will rather slither into our subconscious long after we’ve read it, raising new questions and eliciting new emotions with each remembrance.” Supernatural Snark

“This book is intense. Really intense. After seeing a lot of reviews I thought I knew what to expect from Bumped. But honestly, nothing can prepare you for a story like this. Its shocking. Its exciting. Its frustrating. Its REALLY frustating. But most of all BUMPED is the kind of story that sticks with you and makes you question the life that you live…Whether you love it, or hate it there is no question that you will remember BUMPED.” That Hapa Chick

“I think that a lot of people will either love or hate this book. It deals subtly and not so subtly with issues that push people’s buttons…There will be shouts of ‘This book supports teen pregnancy!’ but if you have a brain at all you will clearly see that it does the exact opposite. I ask that you read this book and see for yourself which side you will fall on…Even if you dislike it I guarantee that it will be unlike any book you have ever read before and it will definitely give you some things to think about.” Pure Imagination

“BUMPED¬† is a fantastic dystopian novel that will stand out from the many others that are being released this year. It tackles controversial issues with wit and humor, but still manages the reader to think, What if? BUMPED is definitely my new favorite series and I am counting down the days for the next book.”

“I thought about Bumped long after I finished reading it. I talked about the book to several people, who are now anxiously awaiting it’s April 26th release date. I will say, however, that the book is not for everyone. It might be one that people either love or hate, but it is undeniable that it will be talked about for a very long time. There are several themes that will spark great discussion such as the media’s hypocritical viewpoints of sexuality, in particular teen sexuality, pregnancy, the increasingly blurry lines of where reality and celebrity meet and end. It also touches upon our crazy need to design the perfect person, inject ourselves with medicine to take away/mask our flaws and humanity. All of these issues are current in our society, which is what makes a book like Bumped so important because it makes us feel uncomfortable and forces us to think about things that we would like to push in the back our minds.” Books in the Spotlight

So…what will YOU think of BUMPED? (Of course, I hope you love it.) Get in on the debate April 26th.

P.S. I’ll be thanking readers who purchase BUMPED in its first week on sale with autographed swag. Details to come!